Anna Mields

'trash stills' (2006/07)

"We must flounder about in a swamp of uncertainty that shapes the instincts themselves, montages of the beast, where we are beyond the knowledge of the headless animal, where the 'body' no longer knows how to shit even it 'needs' to, and where the shit doesn't know where to come out. The fantastic stupidity of a mad body..."

Jean-Francois Lyotard, the tensor

no.7 (Prothese) 30x40x10cm, Gips,PVC

no.7 (Prothese) Untersicht

no.3 - 5 (bananapeal reference) Presentationsansicht im Restaurant

no.2 (bananapeal reference) 15x9x11, Gipsabformung

no.3 15x10x11, Gipsabformung

no.6 (maple leave) and no.2  Gipsabformungen

splash II 2006 80x60x50cm, glas, plaster,paint

splash I, 2006 20x30cm drawing

trsahstill 1x1x1m, versch. Gipsabformungen