Anna Mields

performative object (2006/07)
falling lettuce, 1min / foreign body sensation, loop

According to Heidegger, we are ‘thrown’ into the world:
it exists before our appearance, it did not invite us.
We do not invent our being; we enter into being that is
always already present in the world.

about falling lettuce:
Architectural elements control and direct the movement of
the organic shape of a lettuce head. The lettuce head rolls,
falls and gets smashed on top of a perfect, shiny white staircase:
populated by lettuce, rythmically and repetitively falling down.

"falling lettuce"

about foreign body sensation:
Things fall. Things are thrown. Cucumber, onion, shoes, flour…

What enters here the outside world is foodstuff. It flies out
and just the sound reminds us of the fatal impact on the ground.
But it is just food puked through a window. Nothing spectacular.

"foreign body sensation"

falling lettuce 2007 video still, 1min HDvideo

falling lettuce production still

foreign body sensation 2006 video still

foreign body sensation production still